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For downloads and more info on Time2HELP, visit www.time2help.com.

Time2HELP Features
Instant Help Files
Time2HELP is a tool for writing and maintaining source code documentation. Documentation can be separated from the code and stored as XML text files. You only have to "fill in the blanks" using a powerful editor. 
"JavaDoc" for Delphi
Time2HELP extracts "JavaDoc style" comments and symbol declarations from the source code. Supports the same syntax as Sun’s JavaDoc tool, as well as an extended set of tags. 
Output formats
Time2HELP automatically compiles in-source and external documentation into different output formats: WinHelp, MS HTML Help, Plain HTML and XML. 
Time2HELP makes sure the structure of your documentation always stays in synch with your code. You can also integrate the generated help files with Delphi's own, enabling you to press 'F1' on your classes and their properties in the editor to instantly get help on what's under the cursor.


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